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So it’s been an eventful couple of months since July. I’ve been turned down for every Covid fund available. I’ve got a personal loan which provides the absolute bare minimum to buy the (refurbished) equipment I need. And I’ve got a disused bakery unit that’s smaller than a household garage.

But I have a unit and I have equipment. Which means everyone else can have biscuits 😀

Firstly my apologies, if you placed an order this week, it’s delayed until next week (you should have received an email about this already). Moving out of my house and into the factory has been brilliant and also a lot like moving house, only the house I’m moving into hasn’t been built yet.

There are literally engineers working around me as I try to patch, repair and replace everything that needs updating and cleaned. The bakery was previously used for something that involved mountains of turmeric, so everything is stained yellow. the previous occupants must have gone home looking like the Simpsons every day!?

McGraths Bakery Services delivering my first flow wrapper
2 top blokes from McGrath Bakery Services, delivering a massively heavy flow wrapper. Believe it or not, this is about the smallest flow wrapper you can buy. Absolutely bananas.

After a thorough scrubbing, bleaching, cleaning and disinfecting, the machinery is now coming in. Considerably more qualified elves than me are doing the installs and training, each with the same comedy look on their face when they ask how many people work here. Yep, just me. And my machines. They have no idea why I’m so happy to be making thousands of biscuits on my own. I would love to have several people working with me of course. But it’s all relative. After working in my home kitchen, every machine is a luxury and a step up in production. I’ve even got an exciting new recipe to try and other companies coming in to look at bespoke production. I haven’t even switched the machines on yet >D

So this week is testing. The machines, the processes, the safety procedures, the quality and finally the taste. All being well, full production starts next week. Straight after the scheduled 5 hours of meetings I have to attend to get my paperwork in order. Doing BRCGS accreditation is rarely referred to as a giggle. Actually it’s Never referred to as a giggle. Except by me. Apparently I’m nuts. But that’s nothing new. 😀

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or TikTok, come and say hi. You literally could be the only person I talk to in my entire working day. The great part is, next week there will be biscuits. Lots and lots of lovely biscuits.

My Micro Factory Office
The Micro Office. It’s baltic, tiny and brilliant all at the same time. If you look closely you’ll get a sneak peek at an upcoming packaging design. There’s also some of the awesome bottle opener hats stacked up at the back too. Check out the shop for details.

Biscuit Mike

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