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The Machine…

So everything biscuity has taken a backseat while I work on the machine.
Since the early days of my biscuit baking endeavours, I have been hampered by food packaging technology. The options are either repetitive manual labour or huge industrial machinery.

I got so fed up with it, I invented a new machine. A packaging machine that would wrap a couple of thousand products per day, with minimal effort, but still fit in my kitchen.

Then I won a fund to build a prototype (a lot of paperwork). Then I built it.

Then I won a fund to build a commercial version which I could use and sell (more paperwork).

This is where I’m at right now, summer 2023. By December the aim is to have a working machine in a customer’s premises. By summer 2024 consumer units should be available to order online.

Here’s the torture: I’m not allowed to show it to anyone until it’s patented, or it invalidates the intellectual property protection, which means I can’t share anything exciting on here, on socials or anywhere else.

The good news is, I can talk about it, I just can’t give away specifics. It also means I haven’t had much time for biscuit baking, other than the regular retailer orders. The kids are also off school for summer, so night time is my work time.

All that being said, I have loads of info over on Bake & Bag, my new company, which will be launching the bagging machine, along with a ton of helpful information for home bakers like myself. Hopefully you can avoid the messes I made and cut straight to the money making.

I’m also working on a new line of cookies… with original flavours similar to when I first launched Iconic Biscuits… you know, the ones that made all the headlines and got people very excited about booze with their tea ;)

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