Made in Northern Ireland

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Northern Ireland Honey

Situated just 30 minutes from the resting place of St. Patrick, Iconic Biscuits takes pride in using local ingredients and suppliers for every element, from the butter to the packaging.


Our choice of alcohols go through an extensive testing procedure, before they can be accepted as a flavour for our biscuits.

Northern Ireland, Ireland and in particular, County Down, is renowned for distilleries of craft beers, whiskeys and gin. This provides an enviable choice of delicious alcohols to choose from and pair with our biscuits.


Honey is a special ingredient, used for thousands of years, renowned for beneficial health properties and a huge variety of distinctive flavours.

Our honey comes from bees who collect pollen in the neighbouring fields, before their honey is harvested by an apiarist (beekeeper) just five minutes down the road from our kitchen in County Down.

A chef himself, and avid apiarist, his bees are carefully managed, producing a select amount of honey each year. The honey gives our luxury biscuits a unique sweetness and soft texture, perfect for a luxurious taste.

Biscuit Mike

Iconic Biscuits Founder