Irish Whiskey

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Irish whiskey from Northern IrelandAmong the selection of alcohols, that make up the Iconic Biscuits range, Whiskey has always been at the top of our list for scrutiny.

The whiskey for our biscuits is as steeped in flavour, as it is in history, and distilled not far from our own premises.

A single malt, with an iconic taste, we opted for a high percentage of whiskey in our biscuits. While the increased liquid makes a softer biscuit, we believe it also makes for a better biscuit, with a genuine whiskey malt taste.

We tested a small number of well known whiskeys in a wide variety of amounts and concentrations, to come up with the optimum percentage. Added at a key point in the mixing, our biscuits retain a delicious whiskey flavour, a flavour uniquely available from Northern Ireland.

Biscuit Mike

Iconic Biscuits Founder