House Rules for the Biscuit Tin

If you're not from Ireland or Northern Ireland, you're probably not familiar with the rules of the biscuit tin. For those not familiar with "the tin", it's usually only purchased at Christmas or for special guests coming round to the house, i.e. not you and your brother. They are usually rectangular or round and temporarily sealed. Once this seal has been removed by an authorised person, i.e. your ma, then the rules come into force:


Eco Friendly Packaging

When I looked into packaging for my biscuits, I was amazed at how much wasn't recyclable. Naively I had thought the world of wrapping was almost fully recyclable, with compostable…


Last Order Dates for 2019

To ensure your order is dispatched in time for Christmas, place your order before the following dates: Location Last Order Date Australia 3rd October United States & Canada 10th December…

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The Test Kitchen

I've always imagined test kitchens to be laboratories, with colourful liquids and expensive machines spinning tubes and outputting graphs.