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2 Becomes 1

Iconic Biscuits website

On the left is Boozy Biccies, my fun loving alcoholic biscuit range. On the right is my original name, Iconic Biscuits, with the same delicious fun loving boozy biccies, lower prices and cheaper postage. Why the change?

Several reasons, but the main ones are ease of managing one site and one set of social channels. The other is lots of people spelt “biccies” with a k, as in “bickies.” They were probably right, but I went with “cc.” The great news is, the biscuits are still the same and still delicious. The better news is, I’m repackaging the biscuits to fit through letter boxes, drastically reducing the amount of packaging required and switching to sustainable source paper boxes. But more on that in a later post. You can also find me on TikTok talking about starting a business and my packaging hurdles.

For the latest updates on products and news from Northern Ireland, my Facebook and Instagram have all the photos. For other local ramblings, Twitter is the place to be.